Time Stamping Services

Often formalities and procedures require proof not only of the validity status of the certificate at the moment of signing, but also of the actual moment when it was issued. The IZENPE time stamping service is the element thanks to which the date and time of any operation can be guaranteed. This timestamping (or TSA) service is designed according to international recommendations and standards:

  • It complies with the Internet Engineering Task Force PKIX group recommendation RFC 3161 “Time-Stamp protocol (TSP)”  (http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/pkix-charter.html)
  • The requirements established by ETSI (European Standards Organisation by the European Commission) in its documents “ETSI TS 102 023 Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities” and “TSA time-stamping protocol is defined in RFC 3161 and profiled in ETSI TS 101 861”
  • Taking as a source of times the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy, which is responsible for calculating and establishing the official legal time in Spain (known as ROA Time) ( )
  • Under the directives of the “Bureau International des Poids et Mesures”, which has the function to ensure the uniformity of measures and their traceability in the international units system. ( )

ETSI Certification TS 102 023 Time stamping authority »

Its use is simple and can be summed up in 4 basic steps:

1.  Normally a hash of the data to be stamped is calculated.

2.  This is sent to the IZENPE Timestamping Authority (TSA).

3.  The TSA generates a time stamp with this fingerprint, the date and time obtained from a reliable source and the electronic TSA signature.

4.  The time stamp is returned to the user.


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