Entity Seal Certificate

The entity seal certificate in Izenpe software quickly and easily signs documents and invoices in an automated/hands-off way, and also accesses different public administration services*.


Application consists of two steps:

1st.- Complete the administrative procedure: Depending on the type of entity, the documentation to provide and the procedure slightly vary.

The applicant must exclusively be the entity's legal representative, but in order to provide information on how to apply for the certificate and what documentation to provide, Izenpe offers guides based on the applicant entity's legal form.

Begin application here >>  




Application form for emission of entity SEAL certificates and SPJ entity »

2nd.- Generate the technical application: to issue a software certificate, Izenpe must receive a technical application for proper issue. To this end, the steps described in the following guide should be followed, with the software we offer »



» For Windows (EXE, 6 MB)

» For Linux and/or Mac (ZIP, 6 MB)



The cost for issuing this certificate is 285.55€ (+ VAT).

Moreover, Izenpe offers ef4ktur software to issue electronic invoices. An open, free application, promoted by Provincial Councils, that facilitates generation and making electronic invoices as required by law. At www.ef4ktur.com you can download the application, usage manuals and find additional information.

*Consult admission at each administration for the required services.


  • Certificado Aenor 27001
  • Recognition of equality Emakunde
  • Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria
  • lsti